Canadian mixed media artist

A little about Carrie
& why Mandalas are a
powerful healing artform

I'm a mandala artist.
I’ve been through some difficult life experiences of loss, grief, burn-out &, as a result, illness. Making mandalas has been my peace and meditation for 5 years. Before I focused on mandalas, I was an abstract mixed media artist, making BIG and wonderful messes on canvas or panel. People that have followed my work might be surprised that I have gone in a controlled creative direction. I found when life became chaotic my body required slow, measured, intentional practices. Mandalas are one of the few art forms that are brain neutral; meaning, they ask equal energy from both the logical and creative parts of your mind. Having your brain balanced allows for peace.
When I first started drawing mandalas they were just freehand doodles for the #100daychallenge on instagram. Then, I studied sacred geometry & a whole world of history, meaning & spirituality opened up.
So, I went to Staples and bought drafting supplies like compasses, protractors, circle templates & mechanical pencils! I read books like ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’ by Drunvalo Melchizedek and most of all just spent time drawing & drawing & drawing. I love it that every mandala starts with a grid of precisely placed lines and circles. I revel in the surface the grid is on and get giddy when it’s time to add colour.
It’s such a gift to have creativity in my cells, I will never stop making things & I will likely keep re-inventing my style.

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